• 10, 000 years of tradition.  People of Segukla Mountain
  • We prove our wisdom, our kindness, our strength, to gain respect.
  • Proud tradition, bright future
  • git-se-guk-la.  People of Segukla Mountain

Current News

  • Healing The Spirit - Healing The Spirit workshop will be in Gitsegukla March 4th and 5th at the Community Hall. To Register, please contact Val Simms-Muldoe at (250) 842-2258 (ext. 240) or val@gcfss.com It is free to attend!
  • Social Development Has Moved! - The following is an important announcement regarding Social Development’s move to the Health Center.
  • Education Manager (Job Posting) - We are currently looking for a respected education professional, with experience working as a teacher and principal, to fill the role of Education Manager for our organization. This is a professionally and personally rewarding opportunity for someone who wants to make a significant impact on the well-being and everyday lives of a First Nation community, […]