• 10, 000 years of tradition.  People of Segukla Mountain
  • We prove our wisdom, our kindness, our strength, to gain respect.
  • Proud tradition, bright future
  • git-se-guk-la.  People of Segukla Mountain

Current News

  • Gitsegukla First Nation Newsletter (March 8th) - The Gitsegukla First Nation is reintroducing the Band-Wide Newsletter. This will be a monthly publication which will include news, announcements and cultural content from each department. Our goal is to improve the look, feel and content with each edition. Please send your suggestions for content to: webmaster@gitsegukla.net PDF Download
  • Water Restriction Notice - A water restriction is currently in effect.
  • Interactive Recycling Workshop - There will be an interactive recycling workshop on March 5th. This is intended to assist community members in better understanding their part of the recycling program. Pizza and Soft Drinks will be served. All community members are invited!