Please see the below posting regarding COVID-19.

Please see the below COVID-19 update.

Please see the below notice from the COVID-19 Committee.

Due to a positive case of COVID-19 within our community, all offices will be closed until February 16th.
Please see the below notice.

Please see the below posting regarding the Gitwangak Entrepreneurial Skills Program.
Contact information is in the posting.

Coming up this year is the 2021 Census of Population, which is the collection of data/statistics regarding the population of Gitsegukla. The census report is used when determining local demographics and visualizing where resource should be best allocated.

Statistics Canada is looking to recruit individuals from the community to take on the task of collecting this data.

Please view the following information on this opportunity.

Gitsegukla Administration staff will be returning to the office on January 13th. Please see the below notice.

Happy holidays everyone!
The Gitsegukla Admin and Health Offices will be closed from December 21st to January 3rd.

Please save the following emergency contact list for reference during the holidays.

We wish you a safe and warm Christmas!

Please see the following notice regarding COVID-19 Protection Measures in Gitsegukla.
For information on RCMP Fines for violation of social distancing measures, CLICK HERE.

Please see the following notice regarding the fines that the RCMP will be enforcing during lockdown.
Anyone found to be in violation of protection measures and social distancing laws will be fined in accordance with the following.