Housing Repair Project (June UPDATE)

Hello all Gitsegukla Band Members!
Great News! Phase 1 of our Warm, Safe and Dry housing repair project is now complete! Here is some information on work completed in Phase 1:


Phase 1 Construction Activity Number of Homes
Furnace replacement 37
Ductwork 3
Chimney cleaning 20
Chimney replacement 10
Electrical Panel replacement 8
Water Heater replacement 17
Roof replacement 28
Partial stairs & landing replacement 30
Full stairs & landing replacement 22
Carport Stabilization 5
Window replacement 7
Insulation upgrade 10
Exhaust fan installation 10
Exterior door replacement 9


A total of 47 homes had Warm, Safe & Dry type repairs completed in Phase 1.
More Great News! Phase 2 of the project has commenced, and is well underway!
What repairs are being made in Phase 2?
Phase 2 repairs continue to focus on making homes Warm, Safe & Dry. Similar to Phase 1, furnaces, hot water tanks, and chimneys will either be repaired or replaced to make homes warmer. Decks, stairs, ramps and emergency exits will be repaired or replaced to ensure residents can access or exit homes safely. Finally, roofs will be repaired or replaced to ensure that water is not coming into homes.
Who is doing the work on Phase 2?
Gitsegukla Band Council signed a contract with BV Builders to complete the Carpentry related repairs, which will include the replacement or repair of roofs and the replacement and repair of stairs and landings. Council also signed a Mechanical and Electrical repair contract with Net Zero Structures to repair and replace furnaces and chimneys and to do electrical upgrades.
What has been done to date in Phase 2?
Phase 2 has just gotten started. BV Builders has hired 11 Gitsegukla members and so far, they have completed work on six roofs with three more in progress. BV Builders has also completed seven stairs and landings with another two nearly complete.
Once Phase 2 is complete, every home in the community will have received the basic Warm, Safe and Dry repair package. It is estimated that Phase 2 will be complete by the end of October, 2016.
Thanks again to the Housing Coordinator Darrell Turner, who is working hard to make sure that work is being completed!
Also, a big thank you to the entire community for helping to make this project a success!