Internet Services

Pricing Overview

The Gitsegukla Band Office is the main Internet Provider here in our community. We offer a variety of internet service packages, and we strive to provide a quality service to everyone in our community.

Package:Download Speed:Upload Speed:Monthly Data Allowance:Price:
Bronze1 Mb/s512 Kb/s40 GB$25.00
Silver2 Mb/s1 Mb/s80 GB$40.00
Gold5 Mb/s1 Mb/s200 GB$75.00
Platinum10Mb/s2 Mb/s300 GB$100.00
Business12 Mb/s2 Mb/sUnlimited$200.00

For questions regarding your usage, service or to report a service outage, contact us at the Band Office (250) 849-5490.
Ask for Hunter 🙂 You can also email me at