Gitsegukla is nestled in Kitimat-Stikine B as shown below, and a Fire of Note has been detected across the Skeena near our home. As we know right now, there is no cause for evacuation concerns as there are no alerts from Emergency Management BC. The Tech Coordinator has put together this contact information blog post out of concern for our Community Preparedness. It will be updated as more announcements come in, so please bookmark this page to keep all information in one place.

July 14, 2023: A Statement made by Gitsegukla Band Council will be made into a downloadable PDF at the bottom.

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The Province has declared State of Emergency for the Stikine region (pictured below)

Included in this post:

  • Fire of Note – R41397
  • Northwest Fire Centre – Official Resource Links
  • Additional Resources
  • Public Facebook Post to Share

Fire of Note – R41397

What We Know as of: July 12, 2023 10:40 PM
  • Detected: July 12, 2023 @ 12:40 PM (1km North of Gitsegukla near Carnaby)
  • Stage of Control: Out of Control (but rather small at 0.009 Hectares)
  • Suspected Cause: Lightning / Natural
  • Evacuation Orders and Alerts: There are no current evacuation orders or alerts associated with this incident

Official Resource Links for British Columbia

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Northwest Fire Centre – Contact Information
Call: 250-876-6844

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Prepare a Grab & Go Bag – Remember to periodically check and update the contents of your grab-and-go bag to ensure everything is in working order, medications are not expired, and supplies are well-stocked.

Simple Checklist for a Grab-and-Go Bag: Full Guide Here

Each house member should have a “grab-and-go”, including your pets!

  • Food & Water – Pack non-perishable, easy-to-store food items that can last for 48 hours, such as energy bars, canned goods, and individually packaged snacks. Also, include enough water for each person and pet.
  • Pen & Notepad – Bring a pen and notepad to jot down important information like emergency contact numbers, addresses, and any essential details you need to remember.
  • Phone Charger & Battery Bank – Include a charger compatible with your phone and a portable battery bank. No Power bank? Charge old laptops and phones beforehand, and keep them off. Your USB will make sure you can use spare electronics for charging.
  • Personal Toiletries – Prescription medications, dental basics (toothbrush, toothpaste), and hygiene products (soap, hand sanitizer, menstrual products). Tailor the contents based on the specific needs of each household member.
  • Seasonal Clothing – Include a change of clothes appropriate for the current season, along with extra shoes and rain-proof clothing. This ensures you have suitable attire for different weather conditions.
  • Flashlight – Bring a flashlight with extra batteries or a rechargeable one to provide light during power outages or low visibility situations.
  • Radio – Pack a battery-powered or hand-crank radio to stay informed about emergency broadcasts, news updates, and instructions from authorities.
  • First Aid Kit – Include a basic first aid kit with essential supplies like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze, adhesive tape, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. Regularly check and replenish the supplies as needed.
  • Batteries – Pack spare batteries for your flashlight, radio, and other battery-powered devices. Tip: Write all sizes needed in Notepad, that way you can replace as needed!
  • Emergency Plan – Keep a copy of your household emergency plan in the bag, including important information such as meeting points, emergency contacts, evacuation routes, and any specific instructions tailored to your family’s needs.

Start Your Emergency Kit

What to pack in your Grab-And-Go Bag

What’s the difference between an Emergency Kit vs. Grab-and-Go Bag?

Links to Community Facebook Groups

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Public Facebook Post to Share As Needed:

🎓Attention Post-Secondary Applicants That Missed April 30th Deadline: Applications are still being accepted! 🎉

The 2023 school year is just around the corner, starting in September. That means, if you’re aiming for a college degree, vocational training, or a short-term course, we’ve got some important information to share about post secondary sponsorship. Keep reading to stay in the loop!

📅 Application Deadline: The deadline for post secondary sponsorship applications was on April 30th! Why that date, you ask? Well, that gives our Education Coordinator the time they need to submit the budget to Indigenous Services Canada for the year. Don’t worry if you missed it! There’s still a chance to apply – any surplus left after considering applications received before April 30th means yours may still be considered.

📝 What to Include in Your Application:

  • Craft a letter of intent! Show us how funding your program will help you land a meaningful job after you complete your studies.
  • Attach a detailed budget outlining your program’s costs. Living expenses should be covered by the $1800/month living allowance.

🏫 Public Institutions Preferred: It’s important to note that public institutions will be considered first! A public college might charge around $6500 for a year-long cooking program, while private colleges can exceed $20,000. By focusing on public institutions, we can stretch our resources and support as many of our members as possible. Win-win! 🙌

🎓 Short-Term Courses: Interested in short-term courses? Be sure they have the necessary credentials! To give an example, a security training program (BST) must be approved by a provincially recognized authority, such as the Justice Institute of BC. That way, you can be confident that you’re receiving top-notch instruction and credentials.

Resources For New & Returning Applicants

  • List of Eligible Post-Secondary Education Institutions in Canada
  • How To Write A Letter Of Intent (coming soon)
  • How To Budget For Post-Secondary (coming soon)
  • Download the Gitsegukla Post-Secondary Application
    • Before submitting, be sure the following are completed:
      • Completed & Signed Application Form
      • Photocopy (front & back) of Status Card (New Applicants only)
      • Dependent Income requests MUST provide a copy of the Child Tax Benefit with dependent name(s)
      • Letter of Acceptance / Course Registration Form OR Expected Date of Notification
      • Official Transcripts from All Schools Attended
      • Detailed Letter of Intent (New Applicants only)
        • Career and educational goals;
        • Employment and job/trend availability;
        • Previous experience in the chosen field of study if applicable; and
        • Steps taken to achieve university or college entrance.
      • List of Program fees
      • Letter of recommendation from instructor or employer (New Applicants only)
      • Résumé (Masters and PhD students only)

For more Information, Contact Joe by
Phone: 250-849-8451

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Deadline: May 24th, 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and for students, that means it’s time to start thinking about summer job opportunities.

Before you apply, make sure to take some time to properly format and update your resume. Your resume is your chance to showcase your skills and experiences, so make sure to highlight your strengths and tailor your application to the job requirements.

You can update and print your resume with Donna Alexcee at the Band Office.
Joe Sampare is also at the Learning Centre, were you can update your resume.

Interviews are likely to be scheduled on the next Pro-D day, which is May 26th. To be considered for the summer student program, you must submit your resume to the Learning Centre before May 24th.

Keep in mind that this program is open to students between the ages of 15-30, and you must be a current or returning student in September.

By participating in the summer student program, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop new skills, and make connections that could benefit you in the future.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in your field of study or just want to gain some transferable skills, this program can help you achieve your goals.

3 Tips to Create a Great Resume!

  1. Use a template!
    Whether you’re using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Pages or Canva, using a template will save you time. You can take this one step further by creating a Master Resume. This will be a running document that focuses on your skills, education, work-experience. That way, you can copy and paste your information into a Resume Template, so you can better customize the finished resume you’re sending out.
  2. Be careful with colour!
    No matter where you apply, the resume must be easy to read, so avoid making your headings too light of colour, and definitely avoid using hard to read fonts. Make sure the background is white, and black or blue as your main text. If you must have a highlight colour, use it sparingly and be sure that it’s easy to glance at and read. Blank space is important, as it draws attention directly to the text on the page, so be sure you use size 12-14 with your font, and have generous line spacing.
  3. Save as One Page PDF
    This one could be a little tricky while condensing down your life’s experience into 1 page. But the goal is to have your Skills, Education and Experience on the front of the page, and if you have 2 pages, to print it out double sided, with a small footer noting that the resume continues on the other side. Saving as PDF makes sure your prospective employer can quickly open your resume and make a decision to reach out.

Are you considering pursuing a post-secondary education, but feel overwhelmed by the application process? Or maybe you’re ready to take the leap but need some support along the way. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help.

The Gitsegukla Education Department’s Sponsorship Program is a fantastic opportunity to receive financial support for your post-secondary education. And with the application deadline quickly approaching on May 10th, it’s essential to act fast.

Joe Sampare, our Learning Coordinator, is available at Gitsegukla Learning Centre, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Joe is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about Post-Secondary funding. He can assist you in completing your application, and provide necessary paperwork to ensure that your college application fee is covered, if needed.

Even if you’re not sure when or where you’ll attend college, it’s never too early to start the application process.

By completing an application now, we can work on securing funding for you, so you can focus on making the best decision for your education.

At our Education Department, we believe that education is a valuable investment in your future, and we want to support you in any way we can. So don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with our Coordinator. Let’s work together to make your post-secondary dreams a reality.

Download the Application Here

Phone: 250-849-8451
Facebook: Gitsegukla Learning Centre

Starting on April 17, 2023, Tea Creek will offer Paid Training Program opportunities for individuals interested in gaining new skills and knowledge.

For more information & registration see:


Call toll-free: 1-833-784-3737

Or email: 

Simpcw & Gitsegukla First Nation Sign Historic Declaration to Recognize, Respect and Stand-up each Nation’s Child Welfare Jurisdiction

Gitsegukla First Nation & Simpcw First Nation – March 2023


PRINCE GEORGE – The Simpcw First Nation (Simpcw) and Gitsegukla First Nation (Gitsegukla) came together today in ceremony, drumming and songs to sign a Declaration that signifies a commitment to recognize each nation’s inherent jurisdiction for their children and families.

A solemn commitment to Knucwentwécw (“to help each other”), and, hlimoo gwalk’a (“to help all”) for the wellbeing and best interests of our Simpcw K wesk’wséltkten (“Families”), and Gitsegukla will ‘naa t’ahl (“Families”) is enshrined in the co-created Declaration. In keeping with traditional practice, Gitsegukla traded sockeye salmon for Simpcw’s Tcwesétmentem (“Walking Together”) Agreement – the only legally binding child welfare agreement of its kind in British Columbia.

“I am filled with a deep sense of happiness remembering our Simgigyet (Hereditary Chiefs) who fought bravely in the face of great adversity for our children and family’s jurisdiction that the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed in the landmark Delgamuukw-Gisday wa decision.” said Chief Annie Howard, Gitsegukla (Wiistiin). “We honour them
through the exercise of our traditional trade and enter this Declaration to self-determine how we will work with other Nations based on our Ayook (laws) for the well-being and best interests of our children and families.”

“Simpcw has been developing our Yecwemintem re kwseltkten-kt (“Looking After Our Relations/People”) law through a comprehensive members’ engagement process that included discussions concerning Canada’s ‘Conflict–Stronger Ties’ provision that our Elders immediately recognized sets up fights between Nations when we have
children with ancestral belonging to two Nations, or, if a Simpcw family resides in another Nations’ territory,” said Kukpi7 (Chief) George Lampreau, Simpcw. “Our Elders instructed us to go work with other Nations and develop an agreement that sets out our own self-determined path forward, which today we have achieved.”

“My husband is a Gitanmaax community member, and my children have connections to both my Simpcw community, and to the Gitxsan Nation through their father,” said Alison Green, Simpcw Councillor. “It is especially important to me that my children and family have connections to both Nations and opportunities to learn, practice and enjoy both cultures and spend time on both territories. I am extremely excited to bring our Simpcw Youth to Gitsegukla to participate directly in the salmon harvest that was what brought us together.”

Toby Howard, Simoghet Xsgogimlaxhae shared, “I was groomed in the traditional ways and learned from my parents who took me on the land, and to the Feasts where the hosts knew where to put you, why you were there; that is where our ways are passed along. We are born into our Mother’s Clan and our Father’s Clan has responsibilities. Government doesn’t understand or respect our ways, this Ceremony is what needs to happen to strengthen our old ways, how we do things for a long time, it’s good to see it come back to life again.”

Updated: March 17, 2023


Original Press Release March 20, 2023:

Step Up Your Career Game: Attend the Career Fair

Are you looking to find an awesome career? Where do you start? The Gitanmaax 9th annual Get Connected Career Fair is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with funding agencies, education institutions, and local employers.

The fair is design to help you find a career path that matches your skills. Learn how to use these resources to start planning for your future.

The Gitanmaax Career Fair will provide you with the chance to talk to professionals in your field of interest, and network with potential employers. You will have the opportunity to learn about different career paths, and gather valuable information about what it takes to succeed in your chosen field. If you have any questions, ask!

The Bus leaves the Gitsegukla Learning Centre at 12:00 PM, that way you to can ride with your friends to attend the Career Fair.

After a productive and informative day, the bus returns to the community at 3:30 PM. This gives you plenty of time to reflect on your new insights and plan your next steps while getting ready for the Dance @ 6:30! (See below)

After the Career Fair, there will be a few hours to get ready for the dance in Gitanmaax.

The Bus leaves the Gitsegukla Learning Centre at 6:30 PM and will return at 10:30PM.

You’ll be meeting local businesses and other representatives of meaningful career paths. Find out how you can build your employability skills.

The DJ Dance after will be a great way to wind down after an informative day. Don’t miss this chance to grow your network, attend the Gitanmaax Career Fair and start building your future!

Follow the Learning Centre, Gitsegukla First Nation on Facebook, and save our LinkTree to stay updated!

Call the Learning Centre: 250-849-8451, Contact Us, or Email Joe if you have any questions or concerns regarding the bus.

Regarding the Career Fair, call Pansy Wright Simms at 250-842-5297.

In this month’s issue:

January 31, 2023: Gov of Canada Announced Decriminalization
of Certain Opioids for Personal Use. Read GBC’s Response Here
Good Food Box & Salvation Army Hampers: Monday, February 13th
* Have your totes at the gym before Friday, February 10th *
Renewal Slips Due: Friday, February 3rd
Income Assistance is released: Wednesday, February 15th
Heather Barnes @ Band Office: Wednesday, February 8th from 1-4 PM
Book an appointment with Reception. Call Heather before booking in town.
Book your Dental Hygiene services – Every Tuesday.
Email: or Call the Health.
Upcoming for IA Clients: Building Service Worker Program (Feb 6-10)
Contact: Memory Brown by Email, Phone ext 235, or Toll-Free
The Band, Health and Education will be closed:
February 20th for BC Day
Upcoming Dates and Notices from Learning Centre: Career Fair & Dance,
HSS Course Selection Dates, Grad Mailing List, Other News… PG 10
Full-Time Job Posts: Bus Driver, Water Tester, Wellness Worker,
Principal, General Labourer, Language & Culture Teacher
Casual Job Posts: School Cook, Custodian, Health Receptionist,
Personal Care Aide, Band Office Receptionist
CRA Notice: One-Time $500 Canada Housing Benefit Learn More
Apply online with CRA – if unable to apply online Call Toll-Free
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A note from the Tech Coordinator:

We are currently working on a new Membership Website Portal at Council’s request in 2022. In the meantime, a LinkTree has been setup to better navigate our current web design. Save the Linktree by using the button below. It will bring up a popup to save this to your Bookmarks.

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The Gitsegukla Band Council emphasizes that decriminalization does not give drug dealers a free pass!

Dear Community Members,

We would like to share with you some important updates regarding the recent decriminalization of personal possession of certain illegal drugs in British Columbia.

Effective January 31, 2023 to January 31, 2026, adults (18 years and older) in B.C. will not be arrested or charged for possessing small amounts of opioids, crack and powder cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA for personal use.

The Health Canada exemption is effective from January 31, 2023 to January 31, 2026 and decriminalizes:

It is important to note that this decriminalization does not give anyone the right to sell or distribute drugs in the community.

The possession of drugs, including those covered by the exemption, remains illegal such as on school grounds, around the gym during special events

The Band Council is aware of the legal changes and is actively taking steps to protect the community by amending policies and by-laws to address these changes.

We are closely monitoring this situation and taking action to protect our community by updating our policies and by-laws.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone is aware of the legal changes while also keeping a watchful eye on drug trafficking in the village.

We encourage all Community Members to take advantage of the Health and Social services that are available to you.

Please also be mindful of the continued illegal status of drug trafficking and possession of more than 2.5 grams of these drugs.


The Gitsegukla Band Council

Summary List: Decriminalization as of January 31, 2023:

Read Full Official Notice Here:

Download Council’s Notice Below

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 9, 10-4PM, Dance to Follow at the: Get Connected Career Fair in Gitanmaax

Feb 10, HSS Valentines Dance, bus provided.

HSS Course Selection Schedule 2023

Tuesday, Feb 21

9:00 AM – Grade 9’s last name A to M

12:45 PM – Grade 9’s last name N to Z

Wednesday, Feb 22

9:00 AM – Grade 10’s last name A to M

12:45 PM – Grade 10’s last name N to Z

Thursday, Feb 23

9:00 AM – Grade 11’s last name A to M

12:45 PM – Grade 11’s last name N to Z

Friday, Feb 24

9:00 AM – ALL GRADES make up and Grade 12’s Returning last name A to M

12:45 PM – ALL GRADES make up and Grade 12’s Returning last name N to Z

Additional Comments:

If you have an Off-Reserve Grad Member, please get a hold of Joe Sampare to add them to the Off-Reserve Grad List. A phone number and mailing address is needed, as well as Grad Photos once received, so we can add their pictures to our Grad Wall at the Year End Awards.

HSS Grad Student contracts are due Feb 23rd.

Contact Marina for HSS grad photos happening. Or any other HSS Grad related questions.

If your child has a disciplinary meeting, Joe is available to attend the meetings with you, if you’d like. He can also arrange the meetings on your behalf if that is more comfortable for you.