About Administration

The Gitsegukla Administration Office is the governing body of our community. The housing, employment assistance, finance, and technology departments are managed from within.
There are about a dozen staff members working within Administration, and with the majority of staff being community members who live in the community, we understand the struggles and challenges that our people endure, and we do our best to make these challenges easier to overcome.

Chief & Council

The council is an elected body responsible for the administration of programs and services with the help of the administration staff.  Programs include housing, health, education, environmental issues and cultural events. Additional responsibilities of the council include participation in consultation and negotiations regarding land, title, treaty and other legal matters related to the traditional territory, rights and resources of the Gitsegukla First Nation.  Council is also responsible for the conduct and oversight of resource and infrastructure development, business development opportunities, partnerships and sustainability activities.
The Council is made up of an Elected Chief, Deputy Chief, and eight Council members. 

Mission Statement

The Gitsegukla band council will demonstrate honesty, trust and respect in providing responsible governance. We will maintain our traditions, culture and language, and we will create opportunities that will foster a healthy, safe and vibrant community. This will be the foundation for our future generations’ well-being.


Band Administrator

Trevor Morrison
(250) 849-5490 (ext 127)


Samantha Russell
(250) 849-5490

Point of contact for Council, Band Manager and directs calls to employees. Please leave detailed messages with Samantha to assure your concerns are directed to the right place.

Finance Clerk

Leona Russell
(250) 849-5490 (ext. 124)

Assistant Finance Clerk

Veronica Milton
(250) 849-5490 (ext. 126)

Public Works Manager

Darrell Turner
(250) 849-5490 (ext. 130)

Waste Water Management, Garbage / Recycling Disposal. For band-rental unit repairs and services, submit the Maintenance Request Form for and call to follow-up.

Employment Assistance Services

Donna Alexcee
(250) 849-5490 (ext. 128)

Call for help with resumes, job searching, and work gear funding assistance through Tricorp.

Technology Services Coordinator

Erica Morgan
(250) 849-5490 (ext.122)

For inquiries on Internet Subscriber Accounts and Connectivity, leave a detailed message for Erica with Samantha, our receptionist or email directly.