Mission Statement

Holistically provide all Gitsegukla Members with equal opportunities to educational programs and processes so they may reach their full potential as lifelong learners.

Philosophy Of Education

Education is an integral part of a process that provides students with opportunities to develop their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical abilities. The goal is to produce self-reliant individuals who will be able to enter society with confidence, ability and determination.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure all students learn academic and life skills, contributing to a foundation for respectful and responsible citizens of their territory and the world.

Elementary School

In Gitsegukla, the main provider of primary education is the Gitsegukla Elementary School. The hard-working teachers and support staff provide the k-7 students with B.C. curriculum, infused with Gitxsan culture and language.  We strive to provide a solid education in literacy and numeracy through core competencies and First People‚Äôs teachings. We believe education is key to the academic, physical, and mental health of our community members.


The Gitsegukla Headstart offers a pre-kindergarten curriculum for young children. The Gitsegukla Headstart teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a strong foundation for our newest generations to grow upon.

Teaching the basics and encouraging positive social interaction allows for the next generation of students to start with a strong foundation before beginning their primary education.