Job Posting: Gitsegukla Headstart Program Manager

Deadline: ASAP
Department: Education

Discover the Gitsegukla Headstart Program Manager Role

The Headstart Program Manager oversees Health Canada’s Aboriginal Head Start program. With a focus on preserving traditions through a positive environment, the community values teamwork and individual growth.

Uphold community values and make a meaningful impact – this could be your next career step!

If you’re dedicated to making a difference and aligning with a community-centric vision, the Headstart Program Manager position could be your gateway to a fulfilling career.

What the Role Offers

As the Headstart Program Manager, you’ll coordinate and support the Aboriginal Head Start program, infusing it with First Nations culture and language.

Your responsibilities span from program evaluation and staff supervision to budget management and communication with stakeholders.

This offers the opportunity to impact children’s lives. Gitsegukla provides a supportive community, generous benefits, and training for professional growth.

How to Apply?

To apply as the Gitsegukla Headstart Program Manager, you can send your resume and cover letter to:

All things considered, an eagerness to learn is more important than meeting all requirements!

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