Update: Post-Secondary Applications

🎓Attention Post-Secondary Applicants That Missed April 30th Deadline: Applications are still being accepted! 🎉

The 2023 school year is just around the corner, starting in September. That means, if you’re aiming for a college degree, vocational training, or a short-term course, we’ve got some important information to share about post secondary sponsorship. Keep reading to stay in the loop!

📅 Application Deadline: The deadline for post secondary sponsorship applications was on April 30th! Why that date, you ask? Well, that gives our Education Coordinator the time they need to submit the budget to Indigenous Services Canada for the year. Don’t worry if you missed it! There’s still a chance to apply – any surplus left after considering applications received before April 30th means yours may still be considered.

📝 What to Include in Your Application:

  • Craft a letter of intent! Show us how funding your program will help you land a meaningful job after you complete your studies.
  • Attach a detailed budget outlining your program’s costs. Living expenses should be covered by the $1800/month living allowance.

🏫 Public Institutions Preferred: It’s important to note that public institutions will be considered first! A public college might charge around $6500 for a year-long cooking program, while private colleges can exceed $20,000. By focusing on public institutions, we can stretch our resources and support as many of our members as possible. Win-win! 🙌

🎓 Short-Term Courses: Interested in short-term courses? Be sure they have the necessary credentials! To give an example, a security training program (BST) must be approved by a provincially recognized authority, such as the Justice Institute of BC. That way, you can be confident that you’re receiving top-notch instruction and credentials.

Resources For New & Returning Applicants

  • List of Eligible Post-Secondary Education Institutions in Canada
  • How To Write A Letter Of Intent (coming soon)
  • How To Budget For Post-Secondary (coming soon)
  • Download the Gitsegukla Post-Secondary Application
    • Before submitting, be sure the following are completed:
      • Completed & Signed Application Form
      • Photocopy (front & back) of Status Card (New Applicants only)
      • Dependent Income requests MUST provide a copy of the Child Tax Benefit with dependent name(s)
      • Letter of Acceptance / Course Registration Form OR Expected Date of Notification
      • Official Transcripts from All Schools Attended
      • Detailed Letter of Intent (New Applicants only)
        • Career and educational goals;
        • Employment and job/trend availability;
        • Previous experience in the chosen field of study if applicable; and
        • Steps taken to achieve university or college entrance.
      • List of Program fees
      • Letter of recommendation from instructor or employer (New Applicants only)
      • Résumé (Masters and PhD students only)

For more Information, Contact Joe by
Phone: 250-849-8451
Email: jsampare@geschool.ca

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